• Gold Medal, B.C. Lieutenant Governor Awards 2020

The 2018 Reserve Riesling is nurtured and crafted from grapes grown on our Anastasia Estate Vineyard here in the Naramata region which showcases the unique location and its mineral-rich soils. This special reserve edition is bottled in limited quantity and is a valuable addition to any collector or a noteworthy indulgence for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

Tasting notes:  Find hints of dried apricots, citrus fruits, and full minerality. The natural acidity of this wine is balanced well by the natural residual sugars.

Food Pairing: A perfect to pairing to spicy foods such as Szechuan shrimp or Tandoori chicken dishes. This wine effectively soothes the heat from hot or spicy foods. It also pairs wonderfully to charcuterie boards with smoked cheese and cured meats.

Alc./Vol. 12.5%

Production: 220 cases


$25.00 750mL