Chardonnay 2016

Silver Medal BC Wine Awards 2017

Our Chardonnay was handpicked and underwent malolactic fermentation in 50% new French oak barrels.

Taste Profile: This wine flirts aromas of toasty oak, buttery popcorn, and honeydew melon. The crisp natural acidity seamlessly mingles with the French oak aiding its long complex finish.

Food Match: Our new world Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with a host of foods, try it with ricotta and mango chutney or a grilled sole cooked in herbs and creamy Alfredo sauce.

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Cliffhanger Red 2015

Silver Medal, International Fingers Lake Wine Competition NY USA, 2016
Silver Medal, WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada, 2016

The Fruit that made up this wine was handpicked, fermented in French oak and bottled on site. The 2015 Cliffhanger Red is made up of mélange of both Merlot and Malbec grapes, both grown on the Anastasia Vineyard. 

Taste Profile:  Sun warmed strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, and floral lilac notes fill the glass when served slightly chilled.

Food Match:  If you’re a barbeque fan, this is the right wine paring for you, grilled red meat will create a flavour explosion in your mouth, go big and grab a filet mignon, unregrettable.

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Cliffhanger White 2016

Silver Medal, BC Wine Awards 2015

Our Cliffhanger White is produced with a mixture of 63% Gewurztraminer, 31% Viognier and the remaining 6% comprised of Pinot Gris. We specifically fermented the wine cold in stainless steel to capture the varietal aromas. 

Taste Profile: Notes of peach, tangerine, and honeysuckle grab your attention, all balanced well with citrus tones.

Food Match: Pair this wine with some barbeque lemon chicken, fennel salad, or serve it with a rich cheese plate.

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Gewürztraminer 2016

Double Gold Medal (Best Wine in Class), All Canadian Wine Championship 2016
Bronze Medal, International Fingers Lake Wine Competition NY USA 2016

The grapes were harvested on a cool October 2016 morning to keep them fresh and their aromas untouched. It was immediately cluster sorted and pressed. Then went through cold fermentation at 15 C in a stainless tank to unleash varietal floral aromas and taste.

Taste Profile: With its unique aroma which recalls ginger, nashi pears and overtones of lychee set the stage for this spicy and energetic wine.

Food Match: Pop a bottle of Gewurztraminer next time you sit down for a lobster dinner, or perhaps wash down some chicken wings or even enjoy with a fruit dessert.


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Late Harvest Merlot 2015

In December of 2015 our grapes were harvested with a desired sugar level at 30 Brix. Then they were cold soaked on the skins for 72 hours and pressed.  The wine was veraciously cold fermented over a 6 week period in stainless tanks.

Taste Profile:  Our Merlot has an inviting aroma collaboration comprised of cherries, raisins, plums and cranberries, which is then augmented by a hint of cinnamon. The Merlot is silky smooth and finishes full and rich, a classic not to be overlooked.

Food Match:  Satisfy your simple pleasures with a glass of Merlot while snacking on some delectable deserts; fruit salad, chocolate, or cheesecake to name a few.

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Malbec 2015

Silver Medal, British Columbia Wine Awards, 2017
Silver Medal, WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada, 2016
Bronze Medal, All Canadian Wine Championship, 2015
Bronze Medal, British Columbia Wine Awards, 2015 

The fruit that made up this wine was handpicked, fermented and bottled on site.  The 2015 Malbec was aged in oak for 10 months.  

Taste Profile:Haunting  aromas of black currant, blackberries and black cherries dominant whilst soft, rounded tannins linger on the palate.   

Food Match: This wine partners well with all types of fowl, or savour it with lean cut of lamb or beef. It is also adaptable and can be served next to spicy cuisine like; Mexican, Thai or Indian dishes.

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Meritage 2014

Gold Medal, Best of BC Wine Awards 2017 by Okanagan Life Magazine
Bronze Medal All Canadian Wine Championship Fall 2012


The 2014 Premium Meritage is comprised of 45% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Franc, and 22% Malbec. Each varietal was crafted in small fermentation vats allowing for optimal temperature control, tannin and aromatic extraction. The wines were aged in 49% new oak for 20 months. 

Taste Profile: Aromas of black cherries, black currant, licorice, plums and tobacco intermingle with hints of sweet, toasty oak.

Food Match: Pair this wine alongside of some lamb curry, Irish stew, or a ribeye with peppercorn sauce.


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Pink Mountain Rose 2016

“Favourite Blush Wine” People’s Choice Medal by WineART

This wine’s name was inspired by B.C.’s very own natural Pink Mountain, a natural anomaly created by the fireweed which blooms throughout the spring and summer months. Pink Mountain is comprised of 80% Malbec and the other 20% Merlot grapes.

Taste Profile: Fermented cold in 100% stainless steel, it captures the aromas you would expect; sun warmed raspberries, aniseed, and fragrant rose petals, meanwhile a hint of residual sugar balances the acidity just right.

Food Match: Pair this bottle with a melted brie, or some amazing seafood; tuna or salmon.


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Pinot Gris 2016

Silver Medal All Canadian wine Championship 2013

Our 2016 Pinot Gris was grown on the glacial formed Anastasia vineyard. The wine was made from the premium free-run juice which was fermented in 100% stainless steel, capturing the varietal aromas.

Taste Profile:   This Alsatian style Pinot Gris produces aromas of cantaloupe and citrus notes intermingle with hints of spice.

Food Match:   Get fresh and light with the food pairings, some veggies, sushi, or shellfish go well with this Pinot.

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Pinot Noir 2014

Gold Medal, British Columbia Wine Awards, 2016
Silver Medal, WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada, 2016

Our exclusive Pinot Noir was grown at Sophia’s vineyard,  carefully fermented is small bins for assuring of developing high fruitiness and lovely aromas of the wine. Pinot Noir was aged for 10 months in the premium French oak.

Tasting profile:    It exhibits aromas of wild thyme, dark chocolate, black cherries, lingonberries and tamarillos. It’s lovely acidity mingles seamlessly with its juicy tannins which will dance on your tongue.

Food pairing:   Try pairing it with a creamy mushroom risotto or some marinated grilled pork, you won’t be disappointed.

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Pinot Noir 2015

Gold Medal All Canadian Wine Championship

The fruit that made up this premium wine was handpicked, fermented, aged in French Oak for 10 months and bottled on site. 

Tasting profile:  It exhibits aromas of plums, cherries, violets and toasty oak. The Pinot’s supple palate is nicely balanced with bright natural acidity and lingering juicy tannins. 

Food pairing:  This Pinot deserves to be paired with luxury; exquisite duck pate, filet mignon, or planked salmon.


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Red Mountain 2013

Bronze Medal, BC Wine Awards 2015

This 2013 Red Mountain is composed of 40% merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 30% Malbec grapes. Each varietal was nurtured in small fermentation vats allowing for optimal temperature control, tannin and aromatic extraction. We aged this wine in 40% new oak for a duration of 20 months. Let your senses soak in the smells of dark cherries, plums, and black currants, topped off with a hint of smokey oak. Bring the best out of this wine by decanting it while young, and mixing it with beef tenderloin, barbeque ribs, or some succulent venison.


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Riesling 2016

Platinum Medal, Great North West Competition, USA 2017
Gold Medal All Canadian Wine Championship, 2017
Gold Medal British Columbia Wine Awards, 2017
Gold Medal, BC Best of Varietal, Okanagan Wine Festivals, 2017
Platinum Medal, Great North West Competition, USA 2016
Gold Medal, International Fingers Lake Wine Competition, USA 2016
Best Light White Wine, Vancouver Magazine International Competition 2015
Gold Medal Best of BC Wine Awards 2015 by Okanagan Life Magazine

This premium 2016 Riesling was whole bunch pressed and fermented at cool temperatures.   

Taste Profile:  Find hints of dried apricots and orchids. The natural acidity of this wine is balanced well by the natural residual sugars.

Food Pairing: Dare to pair this premium wine next to some red curry chicken, spiced duck leg, or some stuffed pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.

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Syrah 2015

Bronze Medal, BC Wine Awards 2015

The fruit that made up this wine was handpicked, fermented and bottled on site.  The 2015 Syrah was aged in premium French oak barrels for 11 months. Our Syrah presents vibrant aromas of dark chocolate, while pepper and floral aromas are complemented by the juicy inviting tannins. It is best to decanter this wine when drinking young.

Food Match: Indulge your inner carnivore when pairing with this Syrah, the flavours are out of this world when mixed with some lamb chops, a thick juicy ribeye steak with peppercorn sauce, or shoot for the stars with some chateaubriand topped with mushrooms

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Twin Peaks Ice Wine 2014

Our 2014 ice wine is a combination of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The grapes were picked frozen, pressed at -11°C, and veraciously fermented cold over a six week period. This wine flirts with aromatics of cherries, raisins, apricots and cranberries.

Taste profile: Cherries, raisons, dried apricots and cranberries are a few of the aromatics flaunted by this wine. 

Food Pairing: Take your sweet tooth on a heavenly trip with a chilled glass of ice wine paired with your favorite rhubarb pie, or next to a thick piece of chocolate cake covered in ice cream.


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Viognier 2016

Silver Medal All Canadian Wine Championship 2015
Silver Medal, BC Wine Awards 2015 

The 2016 Viognier was 100% stainless steel fermented to capture the sites minerality which lingers well after the mouthful is finished.

Taste Profile:  This wine flirts aromas of pineapple, peach and orange blossom and finishes crisp with a hint of natural sweetness.

Food Pairing:  This bottle will work wonders when served with some spicy Mexican food, flavourful Thai dishes, or even some pungent cheeses.

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Moraine is a family-owned winery and vineyard overlooking Okanagan Lake, located just minutes from the city of Penticton. From its shelf-like location above striking clay bluffs, Moraine peers over the landscape and water. These iconic glaciated white clay cliffs comprise the breathtaking Naramata Bench and inspire the winery’s land-formed name.