About Moraine

The western exposure of the vineyards permits the vines to capture every ray of sunlight from mid-morning to nightfall, and this, combined with a cooling breeze, delivers beautifully ripe and flavourful grapes. Moraine has taken their production to a small and focused portfolio: the varietals Pinot Gris and Viognier, complemented by Cliffhanger Red, Cliffhanger White and a Meritage.

As the Aristarkhovs take on the next chapter in their life as winery owners, their future lies before them. Never ones to shy from adventure; the couple is now risking all that is familiar in order to take on new challenges, unknown risks, and what is in store for them next. This adventurous attitude gives way to the “Cliffhanger” wines from Moraine, whose name is the double meaning to their new role and also serves as homage to the location.

Visitors to Moraine will catch their breath and delight in the sweeping views across the sparkling blue waters of Okanagan Lake. A glass of wine on the patio offers wine lovers the chance to pause, consider the cliffhangers in their own lives and take it all in, and see why Moraine wines are the perfect expression of Naramata. Moraine wines are ideal for sipping while contemplating the moments that come next, but it’s perfectly acceptable—in fact, it is desirable—to drink them for pure enjoyment alone.